Children's Orchard Academy - Programs


Preschool - Kindergarten

Children's Orchard Academy is an accredited private school which means, we maintain traditional educational values and high educational standards. Our accreditation allows us to teach through high school, however our focus and passion is early education. We excel in Preschool and Kindergarten education by focusing on language development as early as infancy. We provide auditory, visual and sensory learning for our students. Sigh language is a large part part of our curriculum as it has been shown that sign language increases your child's vocabulary and helps them communicate at an earlier age. Our teachers provide structure and positive guidance for our schoolers, as well as an advanced Christian based curriculum to expand their knowledge and prepare them for future grade levels.

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God's World After School Care Program

God lead, children inspired is the foundation of our God’s World Program. Students will get to explore six pillars, which include Science, Engineering, Social Studies, Worship, Reading, and Journaling. With Science they will be introduced to the education of dinosaur, farm and ocean animals, the life cycles of water and plants, movement of water and beauty of God's creations. While your child is Engineering their own projects with building blocks and fitting pieces together through puzzles, they will be given the foundation of an understanding in Engineering and incorporate this with problem solving. With Social Studies your children will learn about different cultures and experience different social settings through playing with globes, puppets, dolls, and role play. Your child will express their love of Christ with rhythm, song, poetry and dance and we will teach your child that God loves their different ways of Worship. Reading and Journaling gives your children the opportunity to express themselves through creative handwriting practices and lets their imagination run wild through books. We believe hands-on activities in the classroom help foster connections to real-world situations and increase learner engagement. When students make connections between the concepts in the classroom and concepts in the real world, more parts of the brain are activated. This style of teaching and learning also fosters the growth of critical thinking and problem solving skills. 


Nursery Program

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